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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Zinn in The Nation: "The Optimism of Uncertainty"

Forwarded to me by Prasad just now:

The Optimism of Uncertainty
by Howard Zinn

Posted September 2, 2004 on
More on Zinn in a future post. For now: click here for more of Zinn's writing, and add A People's History to the reading list.

Got to start reading The Nation. I was already planning to put up the following, which I came upon in this DailyKos post. As Meteor Blades did in that post, I urge everyone to read it:

editorial | Posted November 4, 2004
Stand and Fight

In fact, just bought a subscription to The Nation.

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prasad said...

More from the Nation. Bush bashers from the left would do well to have a ready response to Chris Hitchens piece on why he's voting (now, I suppose voted) for Bush. Hitchens is taking the long-term, Trotskian view ("permanent revolution") and hailing George II as the unwitting initiator of a sea-change in the region, perhaps like Napoleon two centuries ago, whose imperial ambitions led to the unhinging of Latin America from Europe's imperial yoke. At the least, one is forced to answer the question, if you were a radical republican (small r) in Iraq, would you support American intervention for regime change? Not a particularly easy one to answer. Its no longer 1789 and the Bastille cannot be stormed with bodies and a few muskets. Regimes like Saddam's have an insuperable technological advantage, and with succession plans intact (Uday/Qusay) a stable and unpleasant equilibrium was likely in place. A pact with the demons to fight the devil may well have given them, in Gramsci's terms, room to maneuver. The second half of Hitchens argument is that the war with Islamic revanchist elements is the historical struggle of this century, and all other political issues take a distant second place. Also a difficult claim, one to which I have no easy answer as to its ends, but many disputes concerning the means. For the best writing I've read on Islamic Fundamentalism, see the essays of the late Pakistani intellectual Eqbal Ahmad.