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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

3 internet radio streams...

This was at the tail end of this week's .listd (check out their website--esp if you reside in or around the D):

internet music streams (because good music makes things better)

1) Dublab: - We like dub, you like dub
(and if you don't, you should), and sometimes we also like to smoke
dub. But thats besides the point, for a little audio R & R, Dublab
is the perfect remedy.

2) Compost Radio: - Hosted by Michael
Rutten, this is solid internet radio because of his vast selection
and taste of good music across the board. The show changes once
every two weeks so that everyone can have more than just one

3) - We would be
fronting if we didn't show some hometown love. Featuring a
chockfull of dj sets from this side of the tracks, here is the
opportunity to listen to a dj set that compliments your current

Coming soon: more internet radio and mix archives (and most with a 313 flavor)....

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