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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Howard Dean and DFA

Got quite a few e-mails Wednesday from various progressive mailing lists. Among the subject headings: "Count all the votes!" (League of Pissed Off Voters), "Now What" (, "The Fight Goes On" (The Progress Report).

As you can see, between these things arriving in my inbox and dropping in on DailyKos and TalkingPointsMemo, I'm getting deep in the left echo chamber.

But one e-mail I wanted to point out was this letter from Howard Dean: "What You Won't Hear on TV Today."

There's rumblings about of nominating Dean for for DNC Chair. First read it in this Kos post. Then sat next to a friend on the shuttle this morning who said he'd heard about the idea from another friend who worked on the Dean campaign, and so he sent Howard an e-mail urging him to go for it.

So there's a battle coming up for the direction of the Democratic party. As I've noted earlier, there's also rumblings of a similar battle within the Republican party. It's just been delayed by Bush's re-election. Yet again, I have to urge everyone to read this two articles:
Without a Doubt

NYTimes Magazine
Published: October 17, 2004

Fukuyama’s moment: a neocon schism opens
Danny Postel

28 - 10 - 2004

Thoughts on these later. I alreaady posted some here, but I've got organize and develop those thoughts further.

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