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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Map madness

Thought I'd collect the various map links that I've come across and/or people have sent me:

In this post, I linked to
Simeone sent me a link to maps showing the results of American Presidential Elections 1932-2000.

A blog called The Blogging of the President just had Map Weekend. One unusual and no doubt controversial map they have is Voting: Free vs. Slave States.

Finally, just noticed that Marcelo sent me this link to a set of maps showing election results, population, and numbers of college graduates.

PS: Arun just sent me this link, which has a fantastic set of maps. I've come across the work of the latter two co-authors of that page, Cosma Shalizi and Mark Newman, since they're both prominent researchers in the field of Complex Systems and they're both at Michigan.

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