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Monday, November 29, 2004

the Ukraine: the revolution is being blogged

I've been bugging Ina to add to her initial post. Been meaning to throw up an entry of my own about happenings in Ukraine. No point in posting news stories really, since they'll be out of date by the time you read this (well, here's a good one from today's LATimes: Ukraine Crisis Deepens Amid Separatist Talk).

If I had the time right now I'd try to summarize what's happened and throw in some thoughts on the matter--but that will have to happen at later time. For now, this'll be a meta-entry. Pointers to people who are really blogging this, adapted from an e-mail I sent to the fam this morning:

  • : blog from someone (an american i think) in kiev. it looks like it goes in depth, and it has lots of pictures. in fact, it looks like he may be blogging from a tent in Independene Square. I haven't read much of it yet, but it looks like election coverage starts with this Nov 23 post.
I made my way to the PoMoClog via a Slate Today's Papers e-mail (same one that had the LATimes link above). But that led to a bunch more:
well, no doubt the list could go on and on. just look at the "blogroll" on any one of the above. or try Googling ' "revolution will be blogged" Ukraine' ...

Finally, a good essays from OpenDemocracy:

How Ukrainians became citizens
Alexander Motyl
25 - 11 - 2004
The massive popular protest against Ukraine’s fraudulent election is a pivotal moment in the country’s – and Europe’s – history, says Alexander Motyl.

OpenDemocracy is becoming one of my favorite sites. To the point that I'm thinking about subscribing.

Also, a Comment from the Guardian, that I think was in one those blogs:

Freedom's front line
Europe must give immediate and total support to Ukraine's velvet revolutionaries
Timothy Garton Ash
Thursday November 25, 2004
The Guardian

Might be worth it to drop in on the Guardian's Special Report: Ukraine page, say for their history links.

Which reminds me, I wanted to highlight this link which is included in the Moytl Open Democracy essay (I'll say it 1nce again, hyperlinked essays/journalism are great). Here is the Amazon page for that book:

Borderland: A Journey Through The History Of The Ukraine
by Anna Reid


Anonymous said...

If you can get a copy, I recommend reading the Anna Reid book you mentioned. Very moving.


shooGu said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Tulip Girl! That was a nice surprise to get a comment, and from you. I will definitely seek out a copy of Anna Reid's book.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! This is Dan from . Thanks for the interest in Ukraine and the link. For the record I'm an American working for Danish people. But I am a remarkably Dan-ish Dan. The "Chestnut Revolution" is one of the two names that get tossed around about the current Ukrainian protests. It refers to the chestnut trees which are common in the Kyiv area and are thus a symbol of the city. They're also all up and down the main street where most of the protesters' tents are set up. Again, thanks for the interest. You might also try Pora Civil Action Campaign - They're coordinating a lot of the protesters in Kyiv.

Anonymous said...

damn sam. how you got so much time. but i'm reading. the news in ukraine is awesome. it was beautiful seeing everyone out in sub-zero weather fighting for democracy. aaah...the irony.