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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bushies & the environment

Environmental issues got largely ignored in this campaign.

(Though one of the most memorable moments for me was in the 2nd debate, when Bush wrapped up a rather pointed question regarding his Adminstration's record on the environment with this: "I'm a good steward of the land. The quality of the air's cleaner since I've been the president. Fewer water complaints since I've been the president." I was torn between laughing, crying, and vomiting. Yet more evidence that Bush is clearly not a member of the reality-based community.)

Here's something from the Times:
G.O.P. Plans to Give Environment Rules a Free-Market Tilt

The administration is moving ahead with agendas that
include revamping air pollution laws and opening the Arctic
National Wildlife Refuge to energy exploration.

Here's an excerpt:
"The election is a validation of our philosophy and agenda," Michael O. Leavitt, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, said in an interview. "We will make more progress in less time while maintaining economic competitiveness for the country. That is my mission."

Folks, that's the head of the EPA talking. Clearly the environment is not going be getting much protection from this Administration. It's their coded language and doublespeak again: what do you think "maintaining economic competitiveness" means? (With these guys in power, the P in EPA should stand for "Pillage," not "Protection.")

And Leavitt slips in the party line about this election being a mandate to push through their "philosophy and agenda."

Be aware. Be very aware.

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