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Sunday, November 28, 2004

from Mission (cont'd)

Back in Mission SF now (or YB, as I was saying to Anj last night we should call it), but "con'td" from the previous post b/c this'll be a continuation of Thanksgiving weekend wrapup. Which I didn't even start in the previous post really.

We BART'ed to SFO last Wed evening and caught a redeye to IAH (George Bush Intercontinental--we were rather tempted to take a picture with the rakish sculpture of the elder Bush on display in the terminal). Endured a 3-hour layover with the sun coming up, then caught the short flight down to MFE. Both flights solid packed.

Our 2 + 1/2 days in Mission (TX) went by quick. Barely left the house in that time. Thurs was the Thanksgiving meal, just a couple hours after we got there. Watched some football, some of the Twolves-Pacers game on TNT, the 2 Netflix discs we'd brought with us (Streets: San Francisco and Michael Moore's original go at populist agitprop, Roger & Me. Though Anj and I crashed before the end of the latter.)

Friday lounged around the house most of the day. (Though Anj did get us out for a longish walk through Cimarron. As on every recent visit to Mission, the quantity of new home construction is astounding. Previously, for example, it had been the orange groves to the immediate west replaced by palatial mansions behind gated walls. This time, the previously empty scrubby fields to the north filling up with more modest--but still upscale--homes.)

Fri evening our only venture out of the house--a puja at an apartment of one of the Bengali families my parents have met over the past couple years. As my mom remarked, the growth of their nascent South TX Bengali community is remarkable.

BBQ'ed Saturday for lunch--wrote the previous post just after we'd finished--and then flew back to SFO yesterday evening.

TBC in a separate post...

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