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Saturday, November 27, 2004

from Mission (TX)

I thought I'd have the chance to do some posts while we were down here in Mission for Thanksgiving, but now it's only a few minutes before we leave for the McAllen airport to catch our flight back to SFO.

A funny coincidence that Anj and I moved into the Mission (SF) earlier this year, while my parents have lived in Mission (TX) for the past nearly 4 years. Nomeclature has similar roots: our Mission is named after Mission Dolores, the Spanish mission (@ 16th & Dolores) which was the first European settlement in SF; established 1776. Contemporaneously: the Spanish laid claim to the area around the Rio Grande, site of the La Lomita Mission, after which the town of Mission was named (see this site).

Got to take off for the aiport now, so more later.

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