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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Salon newsletter

Used to read Salon on the regular back in the day (late '90s), but haven't been over there much in the past few years. Partly it was just another site to visit, and they lost out since they put up an extra barrier to their content: in order to read their articles, you either had to pay for a subscription or get a "Free Day Pass" by watching an ad.

But their content is quality, probably as good as anything on the web. So I just subscribed to their daily newsletter; here's a sampling of what's been featured this week:

From Mon Nov 10:
The curse of Bush II
Yes, the devastation will be extreme. The good news? He'll sow his own destruction.
By Dennis Jett

From Tues Nov 9:
The future of America is blue
Five million more young people voted this time, and most went Democratic.
By Lisa Chamberlain

Joyful and triumphant
The religious right is in heaven at the prospect of remaking the Supreme Court.
By Michelle Goldberg

From Wed Nov 10:

The Texas chainsaw massacre
With Bush's victory, the Lone Star state's right-wing ethos reigns supreme.
By Robert Bryce

Was the election stolen?
The system is clearly broken. But there is no evidence that Bush won because of voter fraud.
By Farhad Manjoo

Tom Wolfe's animal house
America's patrician journo-novelist goes back to college and finds -- surprise! -- the halls of academe strewn with beer cans, pizza boxes and used condoms.
By Priya Jain

For each of those, "Get a Free Day Pass" to read the entire article. (Not that I have--I'm putting them up here b/c I want to get back to them at some point myself.)

Eventually I'd like to graduate to Salon's RSS feeds, but I haven't figured out how or where to handle such feeds.

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