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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Another handful from Salon

Salon keeps coming with quality content. I can't keep up. Haven't read these yet; posting them so that I can eventually get to them (and so I can delete the newsletter from my inbox in the meantime) as link archive.

The concept of federalism and states' rights has come up in response to the election results (see this post). Salon gives it a deeper look:

If at first you don't secede
Feeling they've lost any say in how the nation is run, liberals are turning to an unfamiliar philosophy: States' rights.
By Michelle Goldberg

A couple more I haven't had a chance to read yet:

Presidential debate
Reporter Greg Palast and Salon's Farhad Manjoo debate the election results in Ohio.

The good soldier takes his leave
Policy experts and former U.S. diplomats weigh in on Colin Powell's resignation.
Compiled by Jeff Horwitz

And finally, a couple on topics that I was going to blog entries on sooner or later. I'll put them up, and hopefully incorporate them into separate entries:

Firefox -- the flag bearer of free software
Mozilla's browser is taking market share away from Microsoft. Sometimes, slow and steady really does win the race.
By Sam Williams

Ode to an Ol' Dirty Bastard
He left behind a violent legacy and possibly a dozen children. But the Wu-Tang Clan rapper also helped forge an irresistible pan-Asian-ghetto-gangsta style.
By Pete L'Official

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