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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

show recaps

Anj just left for Hawaii this morning (think it's this she's attending), so after I get some job applications out this week, I'll have nothing better do than catch up on some blog entries.

Namely, planning to write up recaps of a couple of shows we hit over the past week:
Also I'm going to hit a couple show this week while Anj is out. Tonight Little Brother and Foreign Exchange* are playing Blakes in Berkeley. And Friday maybe I'll go around the corner to Bruno's, to catch some cats who played at the aforementioned Hybrid Project: SkunkFunk and Felonious (go here and scroll down to "Best Hip-Hop Group; Best Band Name"; or go to their site here, though they got some weird site design/popup issues).

(The common theme here: the culture of live hip hop that the Roots have inspired, a culture and a community is centered around It's how Little Brother broke and how Foreign Exchange connected. No doubt Felonious take inspiration from them too; see the conclusion to this article, for example. Though that article points out that the roots go much deeper than the Roots. Back to Low End Theory, and back beyond that to Gil-Scott Heron and the Last Poets. (A coincidence on that: see this post and Brady's comment.))

So look for recaps on this week's shows as well.

*: Further evidence that NPR is hip here.

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