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Monday, November 08, 2004

NYTimes articles from Sunday, Oct 31

A handful of random articles I saved from a-week-ago-Sunday's NYTimes. The links below may not yield the full article, but I saved the html, which I'll link to eventually.

Saved the article about Somalis in Italy for my Roman friend; an interesting coincidence since there has been a huge influx of Somali immigrants into the Twin Cities over the past 10 years.

The article about Kaiser I saved because that's Anj's HMO, and Anj has been noticing how they seem to be remarkably progressive in their policies.

The article about Google I saved b/c it's more evidence that Google is the most innovative company around right now. (Didn't even notice until just now that it was written by James Fallows.) From more on this, see this blog entry I came across a few months ago: GooOS, the Google Operating System (That in turn was inspired by this: The Secret Source of Google's Power. The blog, BTW, looks fascinating if you're interested in such stuff. E.g.: an entry about a new search engine

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