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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Molly Ivins: "Mourning in America"

Just forwarded to me by Brady:
Mourning in America
Getting over it by getting organized
By Molly Ivins
Definitely worth reading. (Also worth looking around the WorkingForChange site.)

Ivins makes a good point in relating the Bush Admininstration's "pro-business" anti-regulatory policies to current events like Merck's recent problems with Vioxx.

What Ivins writes about the FDA no doubt fits with the previous post about the EPA: "We have a toothless regulatory agency in the pocket of the industry it is supposed to patrol. We have an administration-wide contempt for science and plain facts."

And it's all disguised under inoccuous rhetoric--all they're doing is "maintaining economic competitiveness."

Keep the forwards coming.

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