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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

T-wolves in Oaktown tonight!

Last entry for the day...

Lucky that I skimmed the Strib Sport page this morning, and happened to notice that the T-wolves are taking on the Glamorous Golden State Warriors tonight, across the Bay at the Arena.

Checked Craigslist for some people selling tickets this morning. There were a fair number, a few at a fair price. Even exchanged some e-mails with a guy in Marin who had two to sell, but there was no way I was going to go up there to pick them up.

So Anj and I went back and forth about giving in the to the man and buying 'em through Ticketmaster. But instead we're just going to get them at the door. And rather than drive, we're going to BART. Anj down from Berkeley, me under and across from the Mission. Turns out jid will be in attendance as well...

As I said before, Britt Robson's Hang Time is one of the most insightful sports beats I've read. His column in this week's City Pages just adds to that conclusion:

HANG TIME . VOL 25 #1252 . PUBLISHED 11/29/04
The Man in the Middle
With Michael Olowokandi seeming stunned, newcomer Eddie Griffin steps front and center.

Look for a post-game report tomorrow...

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