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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

4 hero remix of "sexual healing" on bbradio

Anj has been telling me to send her some links to mixes that she can listen to at work. Finally sent her a handful of links. The full list is below, but I wanted to single out one link in particular. This edition of Broken Beat Radio, which includes a characteristically sublime 4 Hero remix of Marvin's "Sexual Healing" (about 13 minutes into the mix).

There's been a lot of remixing and recontextualizing of Marvin lately. There was a remix of "Let's Get It On" discussed in this Slate piece, which I previously blogged here;(don't sleep on that 1984 W. Kim Heron piece either); and the "duet" with Marvin that Erick Sermon put out a few years ago. I never pass up a chance to blog a Mark Anthony Neal essay--so here's his Critical Noire piece on it:

The E-Double and the Trouble Man: Marvin Gaye and Erick Sermon "Turn on Some Music"
by Mark Anthony Neal
[30 August 2001]

(I previously blogged Neal's pieces here, as well as a couple other places on the old blog; do a search for "Neal.")

Here's the full list of sites I sent to Anj:

has lots of good real audio mixes with tracklistings.
mostly new jazz/broken beat, but sort of mellower.
you can listen to this through itunes (look under Radio -> Urban)...
the website has a list of currently and recently played tracks.
it's an eclectic mix of jazz, funk, hip hop, jazz, reggae...
this has hundreds of radio mix shows archived. funk and hip hop.
you can take a look at the playlists. they have mp3s up on their site,
but they also stream a show through itunes (same place, Radio -> Urban)
this site has tons of mixes as well: "A Nu Jazz and Broken Beat mix show
based in Philadelphia..." you can stream or download from their site.
(the newest one has a theo parrish track, a bugz in the attic track...
and a 4 hero remix of 'sexual healing'!)

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