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Monday, December 13, 2004

"Losing your mind in Berlin"

Meandering and often pretentious but still interesting profile of Richie Hawtin and the techno scene in Berlin:

Losing your mind in Berlin
Nowhereland: Hawtin, Magda and the Berlin scene
by Walter Wasacz

Here, where time and place exist in blurry, indistinct partnership, and where day and night pass largely unnoticed through the perpetually bleak environs, Richie Hawtin is glowing in the ambient light. A muted blanket of artificial sunshine brings color to his face and reveals tone in his arms, which he uses to emphasize and punctuate his words, now coming at you fast and from multiple directions.

Among other things, the article reminded me that I need to seek out some music of Ricardo Villalobos, whom the article describes as "a tall, buoyant Chilean-German who produces an elegant blending of minimal techno and Latin house that some argue might be the best dance music being made today."

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