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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

from Puerto Varas

A quick and short post. It´s 12:30am, Monday going into Tuesday. At the internet stations in the lobby of Hotel Cabañas del Lago, in Puerto Varas, in the Lake District of Chile. Arrived in the Lake District around 1pm this afternoon, after a short and enjoyable LANChile flight from Santiago--enjoyable primarily b/c of the Andes which ran along the left (east) side of plane for nearly the entire length of the flight. The geography of this country is amazing.

Lots to catch up regarding the approx 54 hours since I last posted: yesterday was primarily visits to two wineries near Santiago, plus a short visit to a hospital in Santiago. Some other details, but those will have to wait. Flight this morning, followed by a good tour of Puerto Montt and Algema (¿), then check-in here, a walk to the center of Puerto Varas (the highlight: the Colo-Colo jersey I found in the sporting goods store there), dinner here at Cabañas.

Tomorrow and the next day should be interesting. Tomorrow, a bus and then a boat to Peulla. We spend the night there, and the next day a bus, a boat, and another bus, across the border into Argentina, to Bariloche.

Apredieno mucho español aqui...

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