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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Harper's on Neruda & Borges

I recently cited both Harper's Magazine (for that Naomi Klein on "Baghdad Year Zero") and Neruda in separate posts (here and here, respectively). I haven't been reading much of Harper's over the past year or so--seems like the writing has just gotten too esoteric and self-indulgent. But Anj keeps up with Lapham's columns at the very least, and after she read the Klein piece and read parts of it to me, she got me to carry around the Sept 2004 issue in order to read it myself. Not quite finished with Klein's essay; when I do, I'll post some thoughts and excerpts.

But I found a couple pieces in the Book Reviews section worth citing. Reviews of biographies of South American literary giants: a short review of a Pablo Neruda: A Passion for Life, and a longer review of a Borges: A Life. Neither review was completely satisfying, but each was enlightening in spots.

I want to post some excerpts, but unfort the text of these are not on When I get a chance, I'll type them out, and add some thoughts.

(I need one of those little pen scanners with OCR, such as this.)

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