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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

literary events

One thing that's been bothering me is that I go to less literary events here in SF than I did in Ann Arbor. Obviously there are obviously tons of readings happening every week, here in the city and also over in Berkeley, but I've only hit a handful the whole time we've been here. A large part of the reason is geography. It takes some time and effort to get to Opera Plaza (Clean Well-Lighted Place), or to the Haight (Booksmith), or over to Berkeley (Cody's), where the majority of readings happen. Unlike in Ann Arbor, where every reading was at Borders or Shaman Drum, both of them within two blocks of where we lived.

E.g., Dave Eggers did an event at Clean Well-Lighted Place (nice domain grab!) a couple weeks ago, but didn't make it up there for it. that is where Anj and I saw Amitav Ghosh in May, and where I saw Walter Mosley last summer.0

Anyways, the good thing is that the Commonwealth Club does a good number of literary events. Next week they've got Susanna Clarke on Monday and TC Boyle on Wednesday. I've never read anything by either--although I did receive a Boyle book as a gift once--but I think I'll go check them out. Might as well, since I paid for a Commonwealth Club membership.

Also, check out this science writing panel they've got coming up next month. Looking forward to that one.


Anonymous said...
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shooGu said...

Just for the record, I bailed on both those Commonwealth Club author appearances.

The only visit I made to the CC since then was to see Richard Clarke speak, which was pretty disappointing.