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Monday, September 12, 2005

AJAX for Anj

This link is for Anj.

It was #10 on this list of "Top 10 AJAX Applications" (thanks to Jason for passing that on).

I haven't checked out any of the others on that list. But I did start using another AJAX app, called NumSum. I actually started using it to do some calculations here at work. For simple spreadsheets, this is much prefereable to opening up Excel--and then keeping track of the resulting .xls files.

Web 2.0, people.


anjali said...

thanks suman
that was pretty all your non-chemistry type fans can learn it all!
but, on a completely new topic...i just heard a great new Common track on BBC- 1xtra...called "superstar" can you get a hold of it?

shooGu said...

hi anj! thanks for leaving a comment. i was going to tell everyone how you carry around a that ACS periodic table in your wallet, but I didn't want to make you look like a nerd!

What show is that Common track on?? I see that Benji B opens this week with a track called "The Movement" (and then goes into Slum Village, Jay Dee, Spacek, Sa-Ra, Kanye, King Britt, Mike Huckaby, Peven Everett, Roy Ayers, RZA, Nas...whoa!!)

Is that the one you meant, or another one??

shooGu said...

BTW, here is the link for Benji B's tracklisting.