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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Biked to work--finally!

Finally. I pulled the Tourmalet down off the wall and biked to work this morning. Doing my part to counteract the car culture.

It took me 1 3/4 years to finally work up the energy and daring to do it--but it turned out to be a nice, fairly leisurely ride. It helped that I was familiar with the route, from biking to soccer games in GG Park last fall: across 19th St to Valencia, up the bike lane, west on 15th St across Market, up Sanchez and Steiner into the lower Haight, west on Page into the upper Haight and into Golden Gate park. Cut through the playground, past the Carousel, came out where MLK meets Lincoln, near Kezar Stadium. From there, just two blocks up to Irving. Two sets of elevators--one up to Parnassus, the next up to our 11th floor perch. 30 mins door to door--about the same as if I take the shuttle.

Once I figure out how, I'll trace out the route on GoogleMaps. For now, I'll give you the driving directions, but it's not the same route at all--driving one goes over the 17th Street pass. On bike, I cut up north of Buena Vista, avoiding the hills.

The ride was so mellow. Sometimes i dream about SF as nearly car-free village, with the main arteries given over to buses and light rail, and the side streets for bikes.

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