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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

one more on Yalta / Drezner's blog

After seeing the post I put about Yalta last week, Anj pointed out
another NYT article from yesterday's paper that sums up the debate; go

In looking for that article on the Times website, I came across another one from
Sunday's paper which is tangentially related. It's written by the
historian who penned the Slate essay on Yalta that I mentioned in that
previous post. But this one is about his experiences filling in as a
guest blogger for Daniel Drezner.

Drezner's blog seems to be one of the more prominent
academic/political blogs out there. I first came across it during
Ukraine's Orange Revolution. (I was going to include a link to some
of his writing in the post(s) I did at the time on Ukraine. See his entries from
November of last year.) Since then, Drezner wrote this essay for
our alumni magazine about being an academic and a blogger (he's a poli
sci prof at the UofC).

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