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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bush on Yalta

Wanted to post a couple links before I file away the e-mails by which they came to me. On Tuesday, Anj sent me this article, which appeared ironically in the Strib, that criticizes Bush's speech in Latvia last weekend. Then later the same day an e-mail from Slate featured this column, which also criticizes Bush for stabbing FDR and Churchill in the back.

I was wondering about Gwynne Dyer, the author of the first article. A Google search turned up that Jack Lessenberry had written an interesting column about him (here) in February. I started reading Lessenberry's column when I used to pick up a hard copy of the Metro Times each week in Ann Arbor. I've continued to read him online. But I think I must have missed that particular column about Dyer (which strongly recommeneds Dyer's book, Future Tense : The Coming World Order?)

From Latvia, Bush of course went to Moscow, and then made a stop in Tbilisi before heading to Western Europe. This story about Bush doing a Georgian jig caught my eye. But the visit to Tbilisi also reminded me that I'd been meaning to post the link to this interesting documentary I caught on KQED a few months ago (part of the fantastic Independent Lens series).

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