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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Architecture links

A few architecture links I've been saving to put up:
  • The NYTimes ran this prominent and positive review of the new Walker Art Center in Mpls. Remarkably I haven't been back to MN since Suvranu and Kriston's wedding, meaning June 2002. We'll have to try to get back sometime this year finally; if we do, we'll have to check out the new Walker.

  • Just today, the Times had this review of the new Holocaust memorial in Berlin. Another spot to visit someday.

  • Saved this link for the Times review of the new Caltrans District HQ bldg in downtown LA. Passed that on to Arun, who hit me back with this link to a Slate review of the same bldg.

    That link led me to a few others on Slate by that same writer, Christopher Hawthorne, including this photoessay on Koolhaas. I didn't save any of the reviews of his celebrated design for the new Seattle Public Library from a year ago, but after digging around on their site for a bit, found this extensive archive of articles.

  • Speaking of public libraries, I've been getting over to the SFPL more often in the past month. A couple times to the Main library, whose architecture I rather like, and a couple times to our Mission branch. (One of those trips to Main, picked up a nice book in the small bookstore operated by the Friends of the SFPL: "A Free Library in This City", which embeds the history of the SFPL within histories of libraries in general, and of the city of SF. And the book was only $5, as it is here.

  • Addendum, May 11: Just came across one more, a column by the prominent architecture critic Witold Rybczynski on "Chicago's Magic Kingdom", i.e., the Millenium Park in Grant Park.

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