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Monday, September 15, 2008

On Wall St

That is where I am right now, sitting on the steps at the corner of Wall and Nassau, across from the imposing NYSE.

Glad that lunch got scheduled for today down here, as it got me to come through here today, on this singular day in the history of Wall St.

Though (and this too reminds me of Grant's "Trouble with Prosperity"), the epicenter of today's events aren't literally on Wall St, but across in WFC and in midtown.

Overheard a guy sitting next to me on the steps, remark to his friend, no doubt in the context of a conversation about current events, that things have changed--case in point, that there are many more tourists here on the actual Street than there are workers.

But this is why New York. To be here, where its happening, as its happening. Or where it happened. Last Thursday, seeing the two towers of light from our rooftop, and spontaneously taking the 4-5 into lower Manhattan, to walk around the WTC site, to walk underneath those towers of light.

At the tip of the island at the center of the world. Or at least it was, for the 20th century.

Now that I belatedly have mobile email, look for some mobile blogging such ad this. I think being away from a full desktop & browser might be good for actually writing.
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