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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alec Baldwin & "30 Rock"

Read this profile of Alec Baldwin in a recent New Yorker, which led me to this--it's brilliant:


Harvey said...

I love your blog... and 30 Rock!

shooGu said...

Thanks Harvey! You are now one of my few readers..

I've liked the few episodes I've seen of "30 Rock"..I think we've got Netflix the earlier seasons.

Read that profile of Alec Baldwin!

We were hanging out in a bar in the LES and one of the guys from the show came through..the sort of slobby hipster writer.."champion of the world"

jeremy said...

You have discovered one the few joys of life...'30 Rock.' Baldwin is great but Tina Fey is the heart and soul. Love that show!