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Saturday, August 23, 2008 Serious Pleasures: Season's Sweet Spots

I doubt this will show up on the blog formatted correctly..but maybe. If so, it will make it easier for me to post NYT articles--I'll merely e-mail myself the article from the NYT website (as I often do anyways, as a way of reminding myself of an article I want to revisit)..and then forward that e-mail to the e-mail address that automatically posts to the blog.

This is one that was in the today's Friday Arts section (which I'm realizing is very important to read on Friday itself, if you're an NYC resident and looking for something to do over the weekend; e.g., two weeks I ago I had to scramble to find a jazz piano concert. The jazz listings yielded 3 good options, out of which we chose wisely--Michael Wolff in the really nice downstairs auditorium of the Rubin Museum, for only $20 a head--rel cheap for jazz in the city).

The blurb explains it all--it doubles as a list of movies I want to see, sooner or later.

MOVIES | August 22, 2008
Film: Serious Pleasures: Season's Sweet Spots
A look at 10 of the best art films this summer, several of which portray an unjust world in which ordinary people are at the mercy of the rich and powerful.

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shooGu said...

other than the spillover into the right margin, that worked surprisingly well..look for more NYT posts of this sort.