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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fw: - Yoga Bears: It's No Stretch to Say Traders Are Taking Deep Breaths

Alright, I might go a little wild w/ this technique of posting newspaper articles: I've got a pile of such e-mails in a folder in my e-mail account that I'd planned to post sooner or later.  The WSJ links may not work if you're not a subscriber..but at least you got the reference if you want to track it down.

Here's a fluffy one that I don't have to comment much on, about how financiers are getting into yoga.  As Krops said when I forwarded him this link, traders (like most people) are trend-followers.  But as he also said that yoga is legitimately a good thing, so he wasn't going to get too negative.

Interesting that Bill Gross practices ashtanga.  That seems about right for a an intense guy.  We went to one Ashtanga session at Mission Yoga, and it was intense, as were the practicioners.

One of my goals for the summer (of Sammy) was to develop my yoga practice, and initiate a meditation practice.  Feel like I've been moderately successful in doing so..I haven't been to a studio as often as I thought (less than once a week--approx 6 or 7 times in 8 weeks), but I have been practicing almost daily at home.

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