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Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Bird's Nest, in the Style of Cubism"

The title pretty much describes the painting, by an artist named Zhang Hongtu. It was featured in this WSJ article from last week. Take a look. Also, here is the artist's website (which, the article notes, is blocked in China): MoMAO (Museum of My Art Only!). The article notes that the Hongtu lives and works, oddly enough, in Woodside (Queens).

I'd saved that page of the WSJ not only for that article, but also for a short piece Nat Hentoff wrote, titled "These Little Kids Thing Coltrane is Cool"--a nice piece to read it you're a listener of jazz and/or an educator.

Amazing that Hentoff is still writing, but somewhat odd it's for the pages of the WSJ. But the latter has some decent culture coverage..I've seen insightful articles over the past couple weeks about the passings of Isaac Hayes and Jerry Wexler, as well as a review of a new James Brown concert documentary. May post those eventually..

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