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Monday, February 27, 2006

the week/end in review

I'm not doing very well at keeping up with the avalanche of paper that is coming into our home. We've been getting the NYT Mon-Sat for the last few years, and I was doing reasonably well with just that. But then a few months ago we were able to subscribe to the WSJ using some dormant frequent flyer miles. I needed to start reading the latter anyways, so now we get those two every day of the week other than Sunday.

What often ends up happening is that on Sunday evening I skim a thick stack of papers. That's what I did last night. There were a handful of articles I wanted to save/blog. I'm not going to blog them right now, in the interest of getting some other stuff done this morning. But I saved the links on my account. See, for example, the pages I've tagged with wsj.

Part of the reason I didn't get through much of the papers as they arrived last week is that it was an active week and weekend. I was going around the city W, Th, and F during the day. In particular: went to Parnassus and then stopped at the SF Main PL Thurs; Fri, went to see Taylor Branch at the Commonwealth Club noontime, which was truly moving and amazing; then caught the 38 Geary across to Larkin to pick up a Vietnamese sandwich for lunch, which I ate sitting out in front of the Asian Art Museum; dropped into the AA Museum for a few minutes, to quickly glance at the Kyoto painting exhibit, and do a bit of reading upstairs; then over to the SFPL again. Took a bunch of photos over those two days. Look for them on flickr.

Fri eve we were out for some sushi at 24th and Castro, and then to Hayes Valley for a birthday party. Sat aft we walked to Cole Valley and then caught the 43 to the Inner Sunset; Anj did some work at the Canvas Gallery while I walked through the Botanic Garden, to the top of Strawberry Hill, and over to the new deYoung, stopping and reading some statistics along the way. Sat night we got some pupusas and went down to Argus to hear Subtext and Swahilisheen spin some wrekeds. It was entertaining evening, in no small part due to to a bottle of Anejo that we brought back from Santo Domingo, and was kicked in the space of an hour (not by us, mind you).

Sunday we cleaned the crib, and then got a Photoshop tutorial, right after we did a short graf walking tour. In the evening we had some tasty homecooked Korean food for dinner.

If you want to know what I'm listening to right now, go here. Been listening to 98.1 Kiss FM a lot lately. Just played: "Step in the Name in Love."

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