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Thursday, February 23, 2006

A photo from DC

suman & middu aunty
Originally uploaded by shooGu.
I downloaded, from our camera to my laptop, all the photos from our recent trip. But I haven't yet uploaded them. First we need to title (and tag) them, which is a daunting task.

Actually I did upload a handful: two that I took in China Basin on the Friday before we left town, and three from our visit to DC. Here's one from our visit to the US Botanic Garden, which is right next to the Capitol. Anj took about 40 photos of the orchids on display--this is one of the few with people in the photos.

You can click through on the photo to go to the Flickr page.

Actually, I've been meaning to mention that you can click through on any of the "badges" in the column to the right, which will lead you to,, flickr, and, respectively. For example, if you click on the badge, you'll see what tracks I've listened to in the past hour.

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