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Monday, February 20, 2006

back in the Bay

I've been hearing that more friends and family than I'd thought are dropping in here now and then, so I figured I should get to posting more regularly. Especially with what's been happening in our lives, instead of random links.

We just got back to the Bay late last night, after two weeks on the road. It was a good trip all around, but it's also good to get home. One of the benefits of travel--makes you appreciate home.

So here is where we were:
  • Feb 4-6 in northern Virgina/DC, visiting Anj's aunt and uncle
  • Feb 7-15 in the Dominican Republic; specifically
    • Feb 7-8 in Cabarete, on the north coast
    • Feb 9-13 in Las Terrenas, on the Samana Peninsula
    • Feb 13-15 in Santo Domingo
  • the night of Feb 15 to the morning of Feb 16 in Boston
  • Feb 15 to yesterday morning in Northampton, Massachusetts
  • yesterday afternoon in Cambridge, Mass.
  • yesterday evening into this morning on a JetBlue flight
As with previous trips, I'm hoping to blog in some details about where we were and what we did. With previous trips, however, I've tried to be complete and detailed, and never got around to finishing; see for example, the two long entries (here and here) I wrote up about the first two days of our trip to South America--but I didn't get pasts those first two days!

And now that I go back and look for them, I'm realizing I never wrote up any entries about our trip to Ukraine and Istanbul last May. I did post twice from Ina's apartment in Kyiv on the day we arrived there: go here and here.

More soon...

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