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Monday, December 26, 2005

this morning: probability and fox sports en espanol

Yesterday was Xmas dinner and gifts, and sports on TV (Pistons blowing out the Spurs, in our intra-familiar rivalry--Anj and I being Pistons fans, my parents being Spurs fans; and later the Vikings losing to the Ravens).

This morning: I finally started reading Grinstead and Snell's probability text. It's a very basic and accessible undergrad-level intro to the subject. It reads quick--got through two chapter this morning--and there are copious historical remarks at the end of the each section. Plus it's free! So I highly recommend printing it out, chapter-by chapter say, if you want to learn probability theory, but have never studied the subject before.

Right now we're watching an EPL game on Fox Sports Espanol: Arsenal vs. Charlton. Another thing I wanted to get started on was getting back to studying Spanish. This seems like a good way to do it.

Somehow, even though the Tivo records Champions League games for me whenever they come on ESPN/2, I don't often find the time to sit down and watch a soccer game (even in English, let alone in Spanish.)

Looking forward to the World Cup next summer. Though I'm intensely disappointed that we won't be able to follow through on my idea of travelling to and through Brazil during that month. A fortiori, it's going to be difficult for me to watch many games, since I'll be in the middle of the 2nd MFE term. Hopefully the class schedule will leave some openings in the afternoons, and I can do some reading in the bars and restaurants from the mental list I've been compiling, of locations to watch games(Balompie Cafe, Mad Dog in the Fog, ...).

Update: Arsenal won that game 1-0. Reyes scored off of a Thierry Henry rebound. FSE followed up that game with another EPL match, Liverpool v. Newcastle.

Update 2: 3rd EPL game in a row! FSE just started showing Aston Villa v. Everton. Liverpool won the previous game 2-0.

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