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Friday, December 23, 2005

new 19th @ mission graf

new 19th @ mission - 2
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3 posts in one day!

i'd been thinking i should blog from flickr more often. here's a shot of the wall at the NW corner of 19th and Mission, which I took a litle over a month ago. it was a Wednesday afternoon, Nov 16--don't recall exactly why I made a trip back to the Mission, but I did, and I happened to have my camera on me.

As I noted in the description, you can see previous incarnations of this wall on the Graffiti Archaeology site. Which is the site that inspired to me to start taking graf photos in the first place.

Haven't been carrying the camera around over the past few weeks. Got to get back to it. Maybe tomorrow, as Anj and I are going to spend a day in the city, including a trip to see the new deYoung.

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otherthings said...

I just added the latest layer to that wall (19th) on Check it out!