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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Did a quick browse through my Rojo account just now, and came across a TechCrunch entry titled
Flock Says "Enough", which in turn led me to Performancing for Firefox (which in turn led me to finally upgrade to Firefox 1.5.

All I can say is wow. I haven't been too good about blogging up in here this past year, and I can't say that to improve on that is one of my goals for the new year. OTC, one of my goals is to spend less time on the web! But I can see how this could lead to more regular blogging--more production of content, instead of the passive consumption I fall into too often.

Look for some posts here next week, since we'll be in Mission. Been meaning to at least blog regularly about whatever it is that Anj and I are up to here in the Bay, or elsewhere, so maybe I'll get around to posting little bits about what we've been doing the past few months. What comes to mind: living in Nob Hill, Vikram Seth reading in Berkeley, John Arnold Ayro at Social Club, trip to Michigan for Thanksgiving, the 2nd Wonder-full party.

Not to mention I've got to write our annual letter. Every year (well, for the past 2 or 3 years that we've been writing them) I say I'm going to write a draft as the year goes by. But instead I put it off for as long as possible. Look for it in your inbox sometime next week.

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Manish said...

Performancing is a nice little add-in. For a *much* more advanced blog editor, check out RocketPost:

(I designed it.)

Vikram Seth's new book looks interesting, too. I should be getting a review copy shortly. Curious to know how the reading goes.