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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Obama changing the game

like the previous post, this is something I slapped together a few weeks ago and e-mailed to myself:

Fascinating article from the WSJ about how Obama's SC strategy may change the game:

Echoes some themes from a previous WSJ article (front pager on Tuesday Jan 22) about how Obama's candidacy maps to class and generational divisions within the black community:

Also resonates w/ the repeated mentions of "the ministers" in "The Wire"--in typica Wire fashion, it's never explicitly laid out, but it's clear they hold a lot of political power. Go back to Carcetti's campaign, Herc's dismissal, and in the current season, the politics of replacing Burrell--all of it goes through the ministers.

Finally, a tangentially related link--a very interesting article about Charlie Rangel and his endorsement of Hilary Clinton, and how that maps to the structure of black political power in NYC:

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