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Sunday, February 10, 2008

hip hop honors

more e-mails that I'm converting to blog posts. this one is from early Oct '07:

bit of music spam..also a bit late, as this was on vh-1 earlier this

but it's not like vh-1 has that much programming ('i love new york'!)--looks like they're replaying it plenty this week. you might want to set your tivo, dvr, vcr, etc. as you'll see on the site, honorees are tribe, whodini, snoop, missy, new jack swing (genre), and wild style (film).

the website has a decent little video jukebox for each.

unfort didn't motivate myself over to bklyn saturday for some panels
and book signings that were taking place in conjunction with this:

(ny people, i.e., joel, aaron and dax: let me know if you'd like to
make it over there sometime this month to see the photo exhibits


nor did I motivate to get us tix for the shows in times square fri
night (roots w/ big daddy kane) or sunday (common w/ q-tip)! got to


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