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Friday, January 13, 2006

Teleflip: text messages via e-mail

Since I got on Yahoo IM last fall, I've used it to occasionally to send text messages while sitting at the computer.

Here's a better solution for texting from your PC: Teleflip. I came across it via a TechCrunch entry titled, aptly, How did I not hear about Teleflip before now?. You can go there--TechCrunch is def worth poking around; it's the one tech blog I try to keep up with--but I'll just quote it in full:
Teleflip isn’t new but I had not heard about it until Noah Kagan at Facebook pinged me tonight to tell me about it. It is an incredibly simple way to send a text/sms message to any North American cell phone.
Teleflip™ started when the founder became increasingly frustrated at his inability to send text messages to friends’ cell phones from his PC. It was of course possible, but you had to know the cell phone provider, the correct domain name and the correct syntax for the email address. There had to be an easier way….Teleflip™ was born.
You do not even need to go to the site to use it. Simply email a message to [cellnumber] and the message is sent immediately (I received a test message in less than one minute). I will use this all the time. It is free and there is no advertising. If I were them I’d start adding advertising.
It is sort of odd that you don't need to even go to the site to use the service. I tested it by sending a txt to myself, and one to Anj. It works nicely.

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