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Thursday, January 26, 2006

a house mix

So many posts I've been meaning to do, and none of them done: a handful of finance-related ones, such as this WSJ article on Muni derivatives, or these Economist and Slate articles on the yield curve, or this Economist article on bond spreads in emerging markets--; updates on stuff I've been reading (finished "China Boy" and then "Mama Day"'; in the middle of Heilbronner's "Teachings from the Worldly Philosophy"; and since yesterday also into Vargas Llosa's "Feast of the Goat" and Bernstein's "Capital Ideas"); and also updates on what we've been doing in SF.

Now I'm back in TX for a longish weekend.  Maybe I'll get to some of those posts this weekend.

But for now, I'm listening right now to this mix, and wanted to share.  As I wrote some folks, I feel like I've been getting away from the music lately, esp house music.  This is a mix to get back into it.

It came via the 313 list.  The guy who posted it is a regular on there, and so I've listened to and loved some of the mixes he's got up on his site.  Take a look and listen.

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