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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Jury duty! (+,, and me teaching calc on the web)

Just found out yesterday evening that I have to report for jury duty this afternoon. So I've got to get to the Hall of Justice at 850 Bryant by 1:30pm.

That's about two miles from here, but knowing Muni, I'm going to give myself an hour. (Too bad the 19 isn't on NextMuni--I could have employed my new connecting algorithms for the first time!)

That gives me an hour to get some work done. I'm preparing a calc lecture for tomorrow. If you want to see me in action, go here. Or tune in tomorrow, 12:35-1:50pm (PDT). Assuming, that is, that I'm not stuck in jury duty.

Two cool information-sharing sites that are focused on social networks, both of which I came across in the past week: and The latter I discovered just this morning, via this Flickr blog post. Turns out Upcoming is the newest addition to the Yahoo family!

If you get on either of those, connect to me: this is my digg page, and this is my Upcoming page.

Update: Shortly after finishing this post, I discovered how to incorporate the "badge" into the template for this page. So you should see my list of upcoming events in a table on the RHS of this page.


shooGu said...

Figured out how to incorporate the badge into my blog template. Cool!

junior cooper said...

love the streaming lectures, shoe. i should record me teaching math, and we can contrast the classes.

Quantjock said...

Hey, Just saw you in action teaching the calc class.. its been so long since I loked at calculus.. that I might need it too,,

I got spoiled by symbolic math softwares like Mathematica and MathCad :)

shooGu said...

JC & QJ, funny that you guys actually watched the lecture-stream. It was unexpectedly a hit with my family too. I'll post when a new one goes up.