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Friday, August 12, 2005

Audioblogs - breath of life

I've been keeping up with the essential Soul Sides, but I've been sleeping on breath of life in the few weeks since O-dub referred everyone over to them (here). I finally got around to listening to this week's tracks while reading some of the accompanying essays just now (while trying to read about "The challenges of modeling mammalian biocomplexity" for our literature meeting).

I agree with Brady, the UI is a little wack. But it cool to have a player built into the site, and the words are good. Well, at least the ones I just read about "The Girl from Ipanema" Just listened to Archie Shepp's free jazz version...which segued into Goodie Mob's "Soul Food".

OK, back to reading about modeling mammalian biocomplexity.

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