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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Attempting to live-blog Obama's speech

My plan this morning was to get out of the house early, head to one of the branches of the Brooklyn Public Library where I've got books to pick up. But around 10am I discovered that the branch I'd planned to hit today, Carroll Gardens, does not open til 1pm on Thursdays. And at just that moment, Brian Lehrer came on WNYC...

I've become addicted to Brian Lehrer's show--it's on 10am-12pm weekdays, and he deals with a wide range of current events, from the local to the international--and often the intersection of the two. For example, today's show which I had been hearing about all week, was an interview with Elliot Sander, the head of the MTA--the Metropolitan Transit Authority, which all of us who live in the NYC metropolitan area depend on for public transit.

Over the past couple months, since I've started using Twitter, I have occasionally been posting "tweets" (still don't like that term) about what Lehrer has got on the show. Today I took it a steo further and essentially used Twitter to take notes on Lehrer's interview.

To see them, you could go here and scroll back to find the relevant posts (it's recently been occurring to me that Twitter could the archiving and searchability a lot better, if in fact people are using this as a form of micro-blogging, as I am here).

The Brian Lehrer show led right into Obama's big speech this morning, on the proposed stimulus/infrastructure plan. So I decided to go with the flow and try live-blogging the speech via Twitter. Again, go to the SteadyBlogging Twitter feed I set up (for the ever-expanding SteadyBlogging empire!), and find the posts between 11-11:30am this morning (Jan 8, 2009).

The next step is to take these notes and use them to compose some actual thoughts. Look for that to appear here later this afternoon...after I get back from Carroll Gardens!


Suman said...

Note that Blogger has a gadget for including a Twitter feed, so you can also see my recent "tweets" in the RHSbar.

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