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Monday, December 08, 2008

"The Day John Lennon Died"

I am loving Google Reader.  Just added subscriptions for two NYT blogs: City Room and Freakonomics ( &

Which led me to spot the City Room roundup included below (which I e-mailed to myself from within Google Reader, and then forwarded to the blog on the title below (or above) to get to the CityRoom post)..

Which made me realize that John Lennon was shot 28 years ago today, here in NYC.  Which led me to the Wikipedia entry,, which says that Lennon was shot in the entrance to the Dakota, which is on 72nd St @ Central Park West.  The Wikipedia entry has two photos of the well as the police artist's drawing of the murder.

Which in turn led me to Google Maps, to try to figure out how I could share the exact location of the Dakota.  I discovered one can create a map and share it..this could be another time sink for me:

Anj and I were in that neighborhood just over a week ago.  On the Sunday morning following Thanksgiving, we took the D to Columbus Circle and walked up CPW to 71st St, in order to visit, which I think we'll be revisiting periodically on Sunday mornings..

PS: you can use the link below to "Get Started using Google Reader"--which I strongly recommend if you read blogs at all..


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