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Sunday, September 09, 2007

living for the city

So the pace of posts hasn't picked up since arriving in the city. I'll try for at least quick and short updates.

Weekends have been busy, but in a good way.

Last weekend, the long weekend was lots of walking, and eating, with A&C: around our area--stops at Murray's, Cookshop, Empire Diner; walks to the W Village, Union Square; around MoMA (and further up to Pierre Marclolini, and back down to Bryant Park); down lower LES for a very good dinner, then up to Ave C for Speakeasy; Wall St, Battery Park, WTC site, City Hall, and up B'way to Soho; Korean BBQ, drinks in meatpacking, Chelsea Square diner late-night; and dosai for brunch...

And the night before all that started, Anj and I took the 7 out to Flushing Meadows for a night at the US Open. Arthur Ashe was not a great experience--but seeing Calleri beat Hewitt in Louis Armstrong was.

This weekend, which really started Thurs night: I caught the last couple minutes of Junot Diaz's reading at the Union Sq B&N, then went over to Revival for a drink, back to U Sq to meet Anj, then up to Bipa for an unplanned random meal. Fri night out with Billy, first to Maritime, then down to LES. A long night which ended with a kebab on Houston St. Saturday and Sunday both started with studying on the roof, then some tennis-watching in the afternoon. Finally convinced Anj to motivate over to Ft Greene--just in time to catch the end of Kweli's set. Half-watched the women's final at Mullane's--first time back there since moving to the city! Then strolls back and forth to Atlantic-Pacific, and finally down Flatbush for a house party. Waited a while for the 2, 3, 4 or 5 at A-P--finally a 2 came which brought us all the way back to our area.

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