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Monday, March 13, 2006

taylor branch @ commonwealth club

taylor branch @ commonwealth club
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It was already 2 1/2 weeks ago that I went to see and hear Taylor Branch at the Commonwealth Club. A powerful, moving, inspiring afternoon. Fruitful too--I bought both Parting the Waters and Pillar of Fire there, and got them both signed by the man. Which is somewhat ironic, considering he's on book tour for the third and final volume (At Canaan's Edge). It made sense to me, since I got the two as paperbacks, wheras ACE is only in hardcover as of now, as a newly published book.

What a monumental achievement. Something like 2000 pages in total--a completely readable and accessible narrative history. The history of...MLK, the civil rights movement; but really, as he alludes to in the subtitles, it's a history of of America in the King years: 1953-1968.

BTW, could someone explicate the biblical references of the titles? I get "parting the waters"--but the others?

I took copious notes on the whole public interview. I've got them in my pocket notebook, and have been meaning to get around to writing them up and posting them here. Look for them.

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