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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Ukraine photos on Flickr

Now that we got DillyTaunt up and running (or at least jogging), I'm trying to figure out how to divvy up my posts between there and here. I think what'll happen is that most of what I was putting up here--the political, musical, literary--will instead go over there; and this will become more of the personal--the what, where, and when of me.

E.g., here's what's been happening the last couple weeks: we were travelling, to Ukraine and Istanbul. Just got back Wed night, and still getting over the jet lag. If and when I find the time and piece of mind, I'll write something up. (My track record on this is not good. I've only written up two days of our two-week trip to South America (here and here), and that was 5 months ago.)

I did start organizing the couple hundred photos we snapped. Got them into iPhoto, and also got two iPhoto plugins which will get me to finally start using iPhoto and Flickr: Flickr Export and Keyword Assistant. (Aren't these freeware/open source programmers great? I think I might donate to these people, if I use their creations as much as I'm anticipating I will.)

So started tagging our Ukraine photos and uploading them to Flickr. Check my growing Ukraine set of photos.

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