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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Lemann profile of Karl Rove

I buried this link at the bottom of a previous post, but it deserves its own entry. It's more essential reading: a lengthy and eye-opening profile of Karl Rove, written by Nicholas Lemann. It appeared in the New Yorker in May 2003. I read it back then (while I was stuck at home recovering from that surgery), and then later last year found that someone had archived it online (I first blogged it last November; go here).

It's more timely than ever, now that people are wondering who Rove is, and how he engineered last week's electoral victory. So here it is again:

The Controller: Karl Rove is working to get George Bush reelected, but
he has bigger plans.
by Nicholas Lemann
"Profiles," The New Yorker Magazine
May 12, 2003

Respect the architect.

PS: More on Lemann in a future post.

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